L’Capalbio men's clothing, with its coats and imaginative waistcoats, brings with it all the liveliness of the ancient culture that has its roots in the splendid Tuscan countryside. The brand was born in the nineties and has come a long way since then, becoming an emblem of Made in Italy fashion. THE coats not Capalbio jackets they are dedicated to the modern "Country Gentleman" who projects himself into the future with the baggage of the past and the splendid Maremma tradition.

The origins of the iconic Maremma jacket date back to the early 1800s, when the Butteri wore it as workwear, thanks to its particular characteristics, as sit supported every movement, adapting to the wearer in all moments of life in the open air and, thanks to the experience of such a versatile garment, the 'maremmana' is today perfect in multiple scenarios, both outdoor and urban.

Natural colors, very close to the earth, made even more intense thanks to the garment dyeing, ranging in the range of browns, earthenware, greens, burnt.