The one of Marco Campomaggi, in 1983, it was a precise choice: to create objects that last over time and tell something about unique and personal.

The bags are made with a particular manufacturing process that involves the packaging of the garments in a precious leather of 100% Italian natural cow and first flower, of indisputable quality and resistant to time and treatments.

All the work necessary to complete a Campomaggi bag in a workmanlike manner is strictly performed by hand, since it is the human ingredient that makes each object unique, original and not approved.

Once the model is built, the bag is subjected to the ancient technique of vegetable tanning, a completely natural manufacturing process that uses the tannins contained in wood and vegetables, taken from trees such as Mimosa, the Chestnut, the Quebracho and the Oak.

Products Campomaggi they are often characterized by studs inserted by handor one by one and "split", thanks to a particular press customized by the stylist, which allows you to slit the head of the stud when it is fixed, thus giving a unique and irregular effect.