Brand Creed

The fragrances and i Creed perfumes for men, yes donna and unisex they are a niche product for lovers of simple and essential luxury. The brand was born from a dynasty of perfumers who have given life to iconic products, loved by celebrities and VIPs from all over the world, for centuries now. The perfume house was founded in the 1700s and supplies royal families, not just the English ones. In 1956 it was created Fleurissimo Creed, the perfume that will be loved by the young queen and bride Grace Kelly: this is just one of the great achievements. Since 1980 Erwin Creed has created truly unique products with his father Oliver, such as Original Vetiver, Gardenia flowers, Love In White and Virgin Island Water who have written the history of classy perfumery. To celebrate this success in 2010 is presented 250 Years Anniversary, which combines and celebrates all the representative ingredients of best selling Creed perfumes. In 2010 the Creed Aventus perfume and then Advent Cologne, icons of the brand, loved by men and women for their ability to dare and leave their mark. Among the boasts of the brand appears the Creed Original Water collection, a line of eau de parfum dedicated to real olfactory and sensorial journeys, which recall Mediterranean locations such as Creed Citrus Bagarade, Green Neroli O Tangerine zest.