L’clothing they Lardini men's suits they are an expression of a precise identity and of the most authentic Made in Italy. Born from a sartorial tradition in the city of Ancona, the brand still today retains its beating heart in this town which is located in the center of the most authentic Italian artisan tradition. The Lardini jackets they mean a way of facing and considering daily life and the important occasions of professional and personal life. What characteristic does the Lardini Man collection? A way of being, perfectly summed up in the Lardini men's jacket, iconic garment, available in many versions such as the Casual one, the very soft knit one, the elegant double-breasted or single-breasted one. For an impeccable formal look, the clothes and i Lardini men's suits, also in the easy wear and super soft version, perfect for a more comfortable and informal occasion. In these garments, tradition and innovation in materials and lines are perfectly harmonized, always soft and never overwhelming, which betray the great attention to research and trends. The line of Lardini men's clothing comprehends knitwear, shirts, polos and t-shirts, pants and denim, to offer refinement and extreme comfort to a man who does not want to compromise on style and quality.