Brand Minoronzoni 1953

The jackets, the accessories not borse in pelle Minoronzoni 1953 they are a concentrate of practicality, quality and style for man, woman or in version unisex. A collection that was born with collaborations with international brands and which then acquires its own essence, appreciated by an increasingly vast public who loves its constitutive characteristic, that is the perfect imperfection and the deliciously vintage taste. In fact, it is the unrepeatable imperfections of each garment that make each one perfect backpack O Minoronzoni 1953 leather duffel bag, that worn and unique aspect that conforms to the way of being of those who wear it or choose it as an adventure companion. Always in fine leather giacche bomber or biker Minoronzoni 1953, yes man the da donna, perfect in combination with basic and casual clothing. In harmony with an urban and comfortable mood, the garments of the brand that bears the name of its founder combined with his lucky number, complete any outfit, even the most formal ones, with great personality.