The camicie Orian and man are now internationally famous. Since 1968, the brand has come a long way to become a benchmark for handcrafted shirt. The camicie Orian they are characterized by extreme attention to detail, which are made by hand by professional craftsmen with impeccable stitching, according to the criteria of "tailored sewing". Another great pride is the variety of fabrics and patterns, often floral, geometric, optical or very colorful: high quality Italian and international fabrics are used, with an ever more attentive approach to ethics and the protection of the planet. The production takes place according to a strictly controlled supply chain that tries to avoid dispersion on the territory and waste. There camicia Orian it is a perfect product that completes every outfit with elegance: just give vent to your personal taste and you're done.  The latest innovation is the introduction of antibacterial and wrinkle-resistant technical fabric into the collections which guarantees excellent breathability, lightness and elasticity and extremely quick drying times and allows them to be washed both by hand and in the washing machine without any special precautions. The particular honeycomb structure minimizes the formation of creases, guaranteeing you a flawless appearance throughout the day.