White Veil

The White Veil sneakers and man yes donna, in the spring summer and autumn winter collections, they are always characterized by extreme originality and liveliness. Light and dynamic lines, important geometric shapes, innovative and functional materials, craftsmanship: these are the distinctive features of White Sail scarf which are also a hymn to freedom of style and life. Iconic designs reinvent themselves every season with unusual color mixes and unusual material combinations. Iconic garment is the Voile Blanche boat shoe, a product that symbolizes the boat look.

Models: Club01, Club105, Club106, Club18, Bholt, Extreme, Hybrocity, Qwark, Hype.

https://fourstrokeroma.com/collections/philippe-model https://fourstrokeroma.com/collections/chiarini-bologna https://fourstrokeroma.com/collections/kocca-gold https://fourstrokeroma.com/collections/donna https://fourstrokeroma.com/collections/uomo